Saturday, April 23, 2011

What have I been up to?

So glad you asked.  Well, I've been trying to get the weather to cooperate so that I can get out shooting, but it's been so cold.  This time last year it was up to 20 degrees (Celsius).  But it's barely reaching 5 lately.  BRRR.  So, instead I've been sewing.  It's another crafty thing that I like to do.  I know that I started this as a scrapping blog, but since I DO do other things, why not share them too, right?  Last week I purchased a pattern from etsy, from Snazziedrawers, her Ma Cherie dress pattern.  I've purchased things from her before.  She does some exquisite flower and headband patterns.  Sent all via PDF.  The other dress I made was from the blog The Cottage Home.  It's a free printable pattern, and it's simple to do.

Here's the one from The Cottage Home.  The fabric is from the dollar bin at Fabricville.

The second is the Snazziedrawers pattern, made of Dupioni Silk.
And here is my dd posing.  I used Florabella Actions, Luxe II Swoon.
I promise I will get more scrapping done.  I'm sorta awaiting further instruction for my DT project with MCS.  Perhaps I'm subconsciously saving everything up for that.  I DO have another project that I'm going to start soon.  I will try post that later this weekend!  Happy Easter all!!

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