Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My hiatus

I've been on QUITE an extended break from scrapping.  The headband thing has taken off much greater than anticipated.  I've been designated as the Guest Team Designer for MCS for October.  I should be getting my kit in the next week or so.  Can't wait.

So what have I been up to?  I perhaps feel it best to put it in pictures:

I'm on facebook: www.facebook.com/CeilidhsFancy

Come check out my page.  I realize that it's a departure from the scrapping community, but it me craft = art no matter what the final product is!  Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ceilidh's Fancy

I have shifted gears a bit for the time being.  I haven't done much scrapping in a while so that I can pursue another passion: sewing and crafting.  I have been making headbands.  I have been inspired by various crafters online, and on etsy.  One of whom being Snazziedrawers.  I picked up a few of her flower patterns, originally to make flowers for scrapping.  But I got to making some headbands for my daughter, and now I've had a few requests. 


et tu Paris?

These are a couple I've made for babies.  I have some more too.  I love making them, but as you can imagine they are quite time consuming.  I've already had a few requests for orders.  It's pretty exciting.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sharing Blog Alert.

Ok, this is TOTALLY not a scrap blog, but I just HAD to share this blog.  I'm a super-duper fan.  It's called Snowy Bliss.  I was looking around for some tutorials on fabric flowers, and I came across this one. 

There are SO many craft ideas on this site.  She even has an etsy shop.  So if you're into spicing up you decor for a holiday or party, this is the place to go.   This gal goes ALL OUT when dressing up a party.

Another blog that I have to share is called Oopsey Daisy.  This one has LOTS of flowers if that's your thing.  Lots of other great crafty ideas too.  Hope you all check them out.  They are well worth the trip.

As far as scrapping goes, I have a few pages that I still need to post.  I found out that I'm going to be July's guest designer for MCS.  I will get my kit next month (hopefully there won't be a postal strike).  I've hinted at some ideas that I have for the projects.  I will get a better sence of my way ahead once I receive the kit!  Hopefully by tomorrow I will have some pages to post.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Project

Happy belated Mother's Day to everyone.  I would have made this post earlier, but my mother sometimes checks out this blog and I didn't want to spoil the surprise.  Remember the project I said I was starting...like, 3 weeks ago?  Well it's finally finished.
Here are some closeups:
 The vine in the background is Dusty Attic. So are the little birds.  Thanks Vicky!!
 The roses are from both Michaels and my kits from My Creative Scrapbook.  The butterfly is by Kaisercraft.
The flowers are by Flower Soft.  They're these little plastic pieces that look like flowers.  Use lots of glue, and sprinkle them on.

I will likely be doing some more sewing coming up.  I'm still awaiting word on my Design Team stuff from MCS, so hopefully I'll hear soon.

I promise I'll try to do some more blogging.  Things tend to get busy around my house.  TTFN.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My NON-Design Team project

Good morning all.  I hope everyone had a fantastic long Easter weekend?  Personally, I think my kidlets did alright by the Easter Bunny.  I was quite busy sewing for most of the weekend.  I was able to finish another dress for my dd.  This one is a pattern by Pink Fig, called The Lily Top. I have a pic, but I'll have to post it later.  For all my fellow sewers out there, I recommend checking them out.  They have some great, and easy, patterns out there for girls.  The master plan behind all of this sewing is so that I can get some cutsie outfits for pics for scrapbooking.  See...there's always a master plan <insert menacing cackle here>.  

I did start on a new project, however.  I thought I'd start another altered item, this time the clock by Kaisercraft
I am using the BEAUTIFUL papers from the Madeline collection by Prima.  Here is a sampling:

Parsley Place - Madeline Collection Item# 842390

Spring Tide - Madeline Collection Item# 842475

Madeline - Madeline Collection Item# 842376

Parkway - Madeline Collection Item# 842420

I'm mixing it up at bit so that it doesn't look too flowery.  The papers are quite busy, but Prima has balanced them out on the other side.  I'm only at the gluing stage right now.  It may be a few days before I get back at it.  We're in for some crummy weather here for the next week or so; that perhaps will give me some time to pick away at it. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What have I been up to?

So glad you asked.  Well, I've been trying to get the weather to cooperate so that I can get out shooting, but it's been so cold.  This time last year it was up to 20 degrees (Celsius).  But it's barely reaching 5 lately.  BRRR.  So, instead I've been sewing.  It's another crafty thing that I like to do.  I know that I started this as a scrapping blog, but since I DO do other things, why not share them too, right?  Last week I purchased a pattern from etsy, from Snazziedrawers, her Ma Cherie dress pattern.  I've purchased things from her before.  She does some exquisite flower and headband patterns.  Sent all via PDF.  The other dress I made was from the blog The Cottage Home.  It's a free printable pattern, and it's simple to do.

Here's the one from The Cottage Home.  The fabric is from the dollar bin at Fabricville.

The second is the Snazziedrawers pattern, made of Dupioni Silk.
And here is my dd posing.  I used Florabella Actions, Luxe II Swoon.
I promise I will get more scrapping done.  I'm sorta awaiting further instruction for my DT project with MCS.  Perhaps I'm subconsciously saving everything up for that.  I DO have another project that I'm going to start soon.  I will try post that later this weekend!  Happy Easter all!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I love Dusty Attic

Thanks to Vicky Alberto, I was able to make a recent purchase of some very splendid Dusty Attic products.  I cannot wait to start using them  Here's a peek of what I purchased:

 I realize that my photo doesn't do any justice to the spectacular items.  But I posted it just the same.  I will certainly be making some more in the future.  Thanks Vicky!

So, what else have I been up to?  Well, unfortunately not a whole lot.  As I said in my previous post, I've been on a bit of a hiatus.  I needed to recharge the batteries so that I can get the best out of my scrapping.  I also have been running out of photos.  Thankfully there was some nice weather this past weekend, and I was able to take some more pictures.  Also, my recent honour of being selected as a member of the My Creative Scrapbook Guest Design Team has helped a lot too.  I have a few ideas on the go for my altered project that I'll be required to do for the month I do my DT work.  Here's a sneak peek:

I can't wait until I can get started.  All I'm waiting for is my kit, and word on what month I'll be the GDT.   In the mean time I'm going to take advantage of every sunny weekend to get shooting.  To be honest, photography is my first passion.  But I need much more practice.  Until next time....

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Without further ado...

I promised to make the announcement of some big news.  Well, I was one of the 12 gals selected to be a Guest Design Team member for My Creative Scrapbook Kit Club!  Totally exciting for me!  This is the sort of lucky break I've wanted so much!  So I'll be busy coming up soon.  I have to await some more instructions on what month I'll be featured.  But I've already got some ideas up my sleeve for the altered project.  Can't wait.  I'll keep you all posted.  I've been on a bit if a hiatus so that I can recharge my batteries....I'll definitely be back soon though.  TTFN!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Need some help....

I realize that asking this question is like asking "Do you know Dave from Toronto?" (humour for my Canuck friends) but I am looking for a picture of an altered box that was on a blog I saw several weeks ago...I just can't remember the blog.  It was so pretty.  I remember it used Tim Holtz curio knobs, and foundations.  I remember it was blue, or had blue in it...and there was a detailed description.  I remember that there was dusty attic used too.  I know that this was a "recent" post, within the last couple of months.  If any of my followers have some ideas, please let me know.  Thanks!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Big News!!!

I got some great news last night...but I am going to keep you all in suspense, at least for a couple of days.  Stay tuned...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Featured again!

Wow!  Things are looking up in Scrap Land!  Today, my LO "Make Life Beautiful" was the featured gallery fave for Color Combos Galore

Stuff like this really makes my day.  I feel like I'm finding my niche in the scrapworld.  But it hasn't come without so much inspiration from all of my fellow scrappers out there.  I feel that I have much room for improvement.  There's a lot of creativity out there, and I give props to all of those gals out there who share their ideas and their inpiration.

I'm hoping I have the chance to do some blogging AND scrapping this weekend.  If the weather isn't pleasant, perhaps I will.  If it's sunny, it'll be time for shooting...which is really my passion.

While I'm here I may as well share my last project from last weekend.  I made a page based on the MCS Feb Sketch Challenge.  The sketch is by Julie Bonner:

And this is what I did with it:

It's a series of pics of my DD and my nephew.  She helped him get his Hot Wheels truck out of the ditch.  That is why I used the title "The Weaker Sex?".  A little sarcasm, perhaps?  Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekends are for scrapping!

It's the weekend again!  So that means I get busy with scrapping.  This weekend will be the only weekend in 2 weeks that I may get the chance.  The weather is starting to become more spring-like allowing for more out-door family stuff.  I love to scrap, but sometimes being in the house makes you go a little squirrel-y.  On the flip side, getting out means more photos.  Good thing, because I'm running out of material. LOL.

I was able to get 2 pages done, with a third on the way.  I have it laid out, I just need to put it together.  For the first page, I used my own LO idea with the Color Combos Galore Challenge palette #182.

So, there's the palette.  This is what I did with it:

I realize that the photos don't really go with the "fashion" theme of the challenge.  But as I said earlier, I'm running out of material.  Also, the colours are soft and I wanted the photos to reflect that softness.  Perhaps for next weeks challenge, if I have the time, I'll be able to step up to the "fashion" plate.

For my second page, I used both the LO and color scheme from The Color Room Palette #48. Here's the palette:

Now, here's what I did with it:

I did a little bleaching.  (That's the spritzing in the background.  I used bleach).  The chip elements are K&Co that I bought some time ago at Costco.  I processed the image with Florabella Actions and Textures (love them!!)

I hope you enjoy.  I also hope that I can get that last page done today....and posted too.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh Happy Day!!

I'm so excited!!!  I finally attained a personal "scrap" goal, and that was to be a feature on a scrap site!  The Color Room featured my page "You Are My Sunshine" for last week's palette! 

Yellow can sometimes be a difficult colour to work with, in my opinion.  It always works for small splashes, but when you use it as the main colour, it has the danger of becoming overpowering.  To balance it all, I wanted to keep the embellishments a little more on the subtle side.  Just like make-up: if you're going for the smokey eye, you don't want your lipstick too harsh...it'll look too overdone.

Getting this recognition isn't going to make me stop, however.  There's a new palette every week.  Maybe I can get the chance to become a Guest Designer somewhere sometime.....

Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's the weekend again, which means...

I can do another page!  I love The Color Room.  It sometimes makes my life much easier.  With 2 small kids and working full time, it makes it difficult finding time to create a page.  The Color Room cuts the work by creating a palette for me.  All I have to do is put the page together.  The latest page is one of my dd that I took a year ago.  My dd and I traveled to Toronto to visit my sister, and there was a little walking path around a pond just down the street from her house.  Every evening we took a walk down there to check out the geese.  Along the waterside there was a mass of daisies.  My dd would go and pick flowers for her bouquet.

I used gesso to create the mask in the background.  I used the technique that is on the Tattered Angels blog.  It didn't work out like I wanted to, because the gesso bled a little behind the mask.  The gesso was quite runny...strange.  I mixed it with Gingersnap and Sun Kissed Smooch Spritz.  That may have been the culprit behind the "runnyness".  Some of the other products I used were scrap pieces that I had around.  Hope you enjoy, and thanks for looking.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Simply Paper's Dusty Attic GIVEAWAY!!

That's right, you heard it.  A Giveaway!!  Vicky of Simply Paper is now a retailer for Dusty Attic.  That's some great news.  To celebrate she's hosting a giveaway on her blog.  So go check it out!  She's also selling at her Etsy shop.  (I ADORE ETSY!)  Check out the goodies:

I've never worked with Dusty Attic myself, but now that Vicky will have it available, I will be DEFINITELY taking advantage.  It's so gorgeous.  So, again bounce on over to her blog and check out her giveaway.  It's real simple!  All of the rules are posted there.  Good luck!

Quickie Layout!

I must have been on FIRE yesterday.  I had the bug, and needed to create.  So I combined Creative Scrappers Sketch #142, and The Color Room palate #28 and it was a marriage made in scrappers heaven.  I used 12x12 acrylic paint "canvas".  I used some Tattered Angels, Smooch Spritz and acrylic paints.  I took some of may scrap notions and used them as screens for my spritzing. 

BasicGrey - Wisteria Collection - 12 x 12 Collection Pack; Basic Grey - Chocolate Chip - Self Adhesive Chipboard Alphabets - Beckham - Dark Chocolate ; BasicGrey - Wisteria Collection - 12x12 Paper  Jardin; Smooch Spritz  - Silver Foil ; Smooch Spritz - Sun Kissed; Tattered Angels - Juneberry Wine. 

During the photo shoot my little guy was a little cranky from having been woken up from a power snooze.  Distracting him was the only means to get pictures in.  The shoot took place at an old barn, so my daughter was distracting him by getting him to look through the window of the barn.

Hopefully I haven't outdone myself with  this flurry of activity lately.  I hope I can keep up with the pace.  This blog stuff is a lot of work LOL.  How some of these girls do it, it's pretty amazing!

Monday, February 21, 2011

A little help for my friend....

2 posts in one day....mooooove over!  What's this world coming to?!?

So Vicky is needing some help.  Hopefully I'm not too late.  She needed a vote for my fave February Love Notes Kit Layout for the Scrap That! Challenge.  Well, "Remember Cuba" gets my vote.

You can see the other LOs HERE.  While you're there, check out all of the other wonderful goodies she has to offer.  Good luck Vicky!!

Project: Guest Design Team Call, Part Deux.

I think I've decided on my layouts that I'm going to submit.  I think they reflect the sort of style that I have.  I'll keep you in suspense for now...

What I WILL do is share my altered art project.

Basic Grey Hopscotch Collection: "Potsy" (HOP3099) and "Playground" (HOP3087); Bo Bunny Back to Basics Collection Mums (12OU655) and Ambrosia (12OA594); TPC Studio Grandma's Attic Collection: Antique Lace; DCWV Old World Paper Stack and Far East Collection: Wind; My Mind's Eye 29th Street Market Fresh Collection: Outdoors, Spring Greens/Sprout; Delta Paints Periwinkle Blue, and Apple Barrel Paints Harvest Orange; Tim Holtz Ranger Distress Ink: Broken China (TIM21414), Vintage Photo (TIM19527), and Walnut Stain (TIM19534); and finally ColorBox Chalk Ink in Frost White.  

There's a lot of shadow on the pic, but that's what you get for taking it early in the morning.  

I used Modge Podge to glue to paper onto the MDF pieces.  I let dry and then I cut/sanded them out.  For the birds and a few of the leaves I painted with colour, then put a coat of crackle medium over.  Once dry I painted with a white-wash coat.  The two larger birds I glued paper to, and then white-washed them.

Once everything was cut and sanded, I proceeded to Ink them.I then added some embellishments: butterfly, Bird Cage Die Cut (FL302) by Kaisercraft, some bling, flowers and ribbon. Voila:

This is a shot of the wee little birdcage I added.  The bling is by Lush.

Butterfly, and some paper flowers.

And a final shot of some bling.   What girl doesn't love bling on their project?!

There you have it.  It didn't take as long as I thought it would.  I have a feeling there is still life in this project.  I have been contemplating making it into either a clock or perhaps a frame.  Not sure yet, but until I decide, a wreath it will remain.

Hope you enjoy, and thanks for looking!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Project: Guest Design Team Call

Well, MCS is having a guest DT call.  I'm definitely going to try out for this one.  I'm currently working on my altered art project.  I'm going to do Funky Wreath by Kaisercraft.  I don't have any pics of the work in progress, but I have a pic of what I'm going to work on:

I'm going to apply one of The Color Room palates, {His Room} Palate #30:

 I'll give some hints:  I'm using some Bo Bunny and Basic Grey.  I put all of the paper on the pieces tonight.  So now it's waiting to dry time.

I'm super excited to try out for this DT call.  I'm hoping, if nothing else, to get an honourable mention.  That would be nice.  So over then next few days, I'm going to try to collect my thoughts, and my stuff, and start creating.  I'm considering putting in one of my recent pages, but it all depends on my time.  I have to produce 3 pages and 1 project.  Check back later for more...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I have a follower...

Wow!  My first follower.  Thanks Vicky.  You were my push to get a blog going.  A little vote of confidence goes a long way.  I'm hoping that this blog will allow me to best share my creativity.  I'm an artist at heart, and always have been.  That is where my blog title comes from.  Although this forum will allow me to share my scrapbooking passion, ultimately I want to share my passion for art in all of its forms. 

At a young age it started with sketching and drawing, then on to painting.  From there I got my hands into any crafty thing I could.  I feel that I still have much to learn and so much room to grow.

Now, onto my second page.  This page was one I submitted for a Making Memories scrapcall last year.  Alas, it didn't pan out.  Soon I will make another attempt at submitting my work to a scrapcall.  Priorities of work and family come first, so hopefully I will be able to find the time...I tend to go in spirts.

This page was entitled My Wish For You.  It is of my lovely daughter and I found the poem on a website called thinkexist.com.  Great resource for poetry.

I put a lot of heart into the page, and wanted it to feel light, and very feminine.  The details of what products I used can be found at my gallery on scrapbook.com.  You can see the yummy Prima flowers peppered all over the place.  The sprigs were found at Michaels.  I think I found them in the wedding section.  I used a photoshop overlay on the picture to give it a slight vintage feel.  I love shabby vintage!

 A detail of the butterfly and the music sheet.  You can see a bit of the ribbon I used to make a "tail" from the butterfly.

Some more detail....I wanted to show the little keys that I added.  Some close-up of the sprigs too.

I will make whole hearted attempts at keeping this up to date.  I have a few more pages that I'd like to share!  Signing off until then!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My First Post

Hello everyone.  Welcome to my blog.  I'm very much a rookie, and I perhaps should have checked out some more of the blogs that my fellow scrapbookers have.  Once I figure this thing out I'll be able to post some of my personal favorite pages that I've created.

This one is of my little guy.  The title I thought of was: "I love you to the moon and back".  It's from the children's book Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney.  Although the title isn't there, that was my inspiration for the page. 

There's a lot of Tim Holtz going on here.  I love his products.  I probably should have written all of what I used in this page, but I will try to remember for future pages.  The layout itself is inspired by a design I saw on Page Maps.

This is a close-up of the moon charm.  I bought it at Walmart in the craft-jewelry section.

 This is a close-up of the tag.  You can see some of the Tim Holtz goodies in this shot.