Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Simply Paper's Dusty Attic GIVEAWAY!!

That's right, you heard it.  A Giveaway!!  Vicky of Simply Paper is now a retailer for Dusty Attic.  That's some great news.  To celebrate she's hosting a giveaway on her blog.  So go check it out!  She's also selling at her Etsy shop.  (I ADORE ETSY!)  Check out the goodies:

I've never worked with Dusty Attic myself, but now that Vicky will have it available, I will be DEFINITELY taking advantage.  It's so gorgeous.  So, again bounce on over to her blog and check out her giveaway.  It's real simple!  All of the rules are posted there.  Good luck!


  1. I LOVE Dusty Attic, but unfortunately, it's pretty hard for me to get my hands on! I'm you newest follower, would love it if you would come follow me, too!

  2. Thanks for posting this and good luck in the draw!