Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh Happy Day!!

I'm so excited!!!  I finally attained a personal "scrap" goal, and that was to be a feature on a scrap site!  The Color Room featured my page "You Are My Sunshine" for last week's palette! 

Yellow can sometimes be a difficult colour to work with, in my opinion.  It always works for small splashes, but when you use it as the main colour, it has the danger of becoming overpowering.  To balance it all, I wanted to keep the embellishments a little more on the subtle side.  Just like make-up: if you're going for the smokey eye, you don't want your lipstick too'll look too overdone.

Getting this recognition isn't going to make me stop, however.  There's a new palette every week.  Maybe I can get the chance to become a Guest Designer somewhere sometime.....

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